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What is OKPAY?

OKPAY is born to become the world’s leading payment processor for (instant) money transfers.
Users of OKPAY financial services can make instant payments and money transfers securely via the Internet. OKPAY’s resolution is to elevate online financial transactions to the level of perfection while opening up unique opportunities to Internet users and owners of Internet businesses.
The unrivalled set of features OKPAY account holders can benefit from:

  • Low commissions, starting from 0%
  • Flexible depositing and withdrawal options
  • Instant and secure money transfers
  • Transfer money to any Internet user by email
  • Easily exchange different e-currencies
  • Receive business-related Internet payments
  • Make regular payments over the Internet
  • Get rid of routine, easily arrange multiple payments
  • Get monthly interest on electronic funds
  • Make payment for goods and services in Internet shops
  • Buy/sell EUR, USD, GBP and other currencies online
  • Easy, customized Shop Systems integration
  • A single contract giving you access to all payment options
  • And much more!

In every operation performed in the OKPAY payment system we aspire to offer our customers superior service.
OKPAY for Individuals

Purchase products or services on the Internet

With OKPAY, shopping in virtual online stores is really simple, as is purchasing products or services in frequented shopping centres. For an OKPAY customer, payments for products or services on the Internet are an effortless and pleasant experience as the average time spent on such an operation barely exceeds 5 seconds.

Transfer money to any Internet user by email

Any OKPAY account holder can easily transfer money to anyone with an email address. The recipient is invited to follow a link in the email to open an OKPAY account and get their money in seconds flat!
The recipient can then move the money from OKPAY to his/her bank account, make payments on the Internet or do anything that an OKPAY user can do.

OKPAY for Companies

Accept OKPAY e-money as an additional payment option

Start accepting OKPAY e-currency in addition to the existing methods of payment on your site to increase your profits. We have implemented an extremely convenient payment system which is attracting an ever-increasing number of customers due to its simplicity, reliability and absolute security.
There are different ways of integrating your business with OKPAY. We offer various integration options, which makes them suitable for all users, from beginners who are newcomers in the world of electronic commerce to seasoned Internet tycoons who wish to advance their prosperous online businesses to a new level.

  We provide Excellent, Cost-effective and Expedient service 24/7.
Please note that the minimum amount we accept for trading is $10.
BONUS: you will receive a FREE debit card if exchange more than $1,000
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The orders are usually process same day(including weekends).
Perfect Money 3.1%
WiredPay 2.9%
Payeer 2.8%
OKPay 3.0%
LiteCoin 3.0%
BitCoin 2.8%
Ukash 5.0%
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