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About Neteller

What is Neteller?

Neteller payment system is owned by the company Optimal Payments Limited which was founded in the end of the last century. The service offers its users alternative payment options in comparison with traditional payments methods - online payments.

This service is especially relevant in the situations when there is no opportunity to make payments in a traditional way. Client can be sure the amount they transfer will immediately be credited to the addressee and the confidentiality will be maintained.

You can attach Net+ Prepaid MasterCard card to your Neteller electronic purse and you will be able t use this card everywhere where MasterCard is available: in ATMs, internet shops and web sites, land based shops... almost everywhere!
Company services

Neteller electronic purse

Right after creating the account in Neteller payment system you will get an access to this account where all your money will be kept. You can use money to make different payments, depositing and cashing out (to online poker sites, for instance), send money to other Neteller users.

Net+ Prepaid MasterCard Card

Having electronic purse in Neteller system, one could issue a special Net+ card. With the help of this card one can make online payments absolutely free, cash out the money in all he ATMs of the world.

Money Transfer

Money sending using Neteller service is an instant, accessible, stable and reliable way to transfer your money online. Creating an account for free, the user gets an opportunity to make transfers in an alternative way.